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“This year you’re doing everything.”

December 31, 2009
It’s true that a moment can change your life. Or at least the course of it. Mine came January 1st, 2009. New Year’s Day. And it sneaked up on me seemingly from nowhere.

I was working that day, scheduled to report news of how the rest of the world was celebrating the holiday. I got up to what felt like an unremarkable morning…meandered to the kitchen, splashed three overflowing spoonfuls of coffee into the electric drip, glanced out the window to see the new year dawned with a steel grey sky hovering still and beautiful above the towering leafless elm outside my door, and then made my way to the shower. The routine I had done for pretty much the past 365 days.

I had no clue a pivotal moment was about to happen.

There I was in front of the bathroom mirror about to shave (the drudgery of my morning regimen but necessary when you face a camera for your day’s work). I slipped a fresh blade on the razor, accidentally knocked the deodorant bottle off of the ledge like I had done a million times before, and was reaching for the shaving cream when I caught myself in the mirror. Without warning, without a conscious thought, I looked myself dead in the eye and with drill sergeant intensity blurted out, “this year you’re doing everything!” Punctuated with an index finger jabbed into the mirror.

I froze. Right there, peering into the glass. Stunned. Where had this come from? It seemed like an out of body experience, as if someone else was shouting that command to me.

Slowly, I looked down to the sink, vision blurry as I focused on the stream of hot water trickling into the drain. Outburst gave way to introspection. I pulled my eyes back up to the mirror.

“You’ve got to do this. Make this year happen.” Softly this time, but determined, like a reassuring parent on the first day of school.

That was my pivotal moment. And it became an unwavering commitment to myself. As the year unfolded I said “yes” to every opportunity, to each new collaboration that gave me the chance to grow. I pushed myself to do even more interviews with the most talented artists I could find, reviewed more shows, and set out to make ON THE SCENE the most vibrant program it has ever been.

And day by day I watched as 2009 emerged into the most exciting, accomplished year of my career. ON THE SCENE won an Emmy Award, the producers asked me to be a presenter, I met fascinating people all year…and simply enjoyed life.

So much of what I worked hard for and aspired to be, came true in 2009.

But better yet, I see it’s just the beginning.

Here in the blog I’ll write about where the journey takes me..and of course, we’ll talk about some shows, have a few laughs, and hopefully hear what’s on your mind.

In 2010, we’re doing everything!