Interviewing Tyne Daly, David Hyde Pierce

October 9, 2011

I have watched Tyne Daly and David Hyde Pierce on television for years, so it was interesting to interview each of them the other night. She is starring in a musical comedy being staged for the first time, “It Shoulda Been You” and Pierce is directing.  The show is having its initial run at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Daly plays a pushy mother upset over her daughter’s marriage to a man she has just met and Daly’s character attempts to hijack the wedding. In the process family secrets are spilled, hurts are exposed, lives are questioned, and a few very hummable tunes are debuted.  At least in the first act. I’ve seen it twice, but didn’t have time to stay past intermission either time.

What is most interesting to me is my conversation with Daly about how she finds herself in a character…not finding the character in her…and Pierce describing how he learned from great directors like James Burrows of “Fraser” and how he brought what he absorbed being under their direction to “It Shoulda Been You,” which is his first time out as a director.

The interviews will air in just two weeks on the next ON THE SCENE and I’ll remind you about the scheduled times when we get closer.


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