The Emmys, And The Work That Keeps (Me) Going

April 3, 2012

Back in February, I announced here on the blog and at johnbathke.com that ON THE SCENE was nominated for a New York Emmy Award this year. My last update was Sunday as I was getting ready to head to the Marriott Marquis for the ceremony.

The nominated piece, “Through Bojana’s Eyes,” symbolizes what ON THE SCENE is all about. It’s the story of a painter (Bojana Coklyat) who triumphed over vision loss and chronic diabetes to continue creating. With each episode ON THE SCENE enlightens, inspires and lifts the human spirit through interviews with tremendous talents in the arts world. It is a joy each and every minute I devote to preparing this show.

While we did not bring home the Emmy this time, the labor of love continues. In fact, the very next morning I was up bright and early to head to Constitution Center in Philadelphia with my producer and photographer. We’re putting together a segment on the exhibit there “Asbury Park To The Promised Land: The Life And Music of Bruce Springsteen.” 

Some other surprises are in store for the next show and I’ll be writing about it here. To watch recent work head over to the Credits page of http://www.johnbathke.com. And check back here for news about other guests very soon.

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