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2014 The Year of “ON THE SCENE”

December 30, 2014

First of all, I just received year-end statistics for this blog and it’s attracted readers from 48 countries this year. That is astounding and I’m grateful for your interest.

There are many “ON THE SCENE” interviews from 2014 that I will long remember. Oscar winner, Rita Moreno, was candid and compelling when we sat down in New York this past January. In fact, the quote of the year award goes to her. When I asked Moreno what she felt the first time she met a young Marlon Brando, she said, “I felt heat, physical heat. The walls were sweating.” They went on to have an eight year affair.

The Moreno interview was a finalist for a National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Award given by the Los Angeles Press Club. (Another interview of mine taped last year with musician Southside Johnny was one of the winners of that award).

And a joy for us this past summer was an interview with married comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane. They host the popular podcast “My Wife Hates Me” in addition to touring their individual stand up comedy acts. They ripped on each other as they are known to do, but were also revealing about their comedy and what drew them to each other as a couple. I heard from many viewers who loved that interview.

And there are countless more interviews that made this year special for “ON THE SCENE” viewers and for myself. I say thank you to all of the artists who took time to speak with us and to the viewers for watching.