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New York Emmys Are Tonight

April 1, 2012

In just a few hours we’ll be headed to the Marriott Marquis in Times Square for the Emmy Awards.

It’s a big, black tie gala with close to a thousand people filling the ballroom. TV professionals, people who talk for a living, so the room can get LOUD.

Wish us luck. As I’ve mentioned ON THE SCENE is nominated in the Arts category for a beautiful piece we did called “Through Bojana’s Eyes” a profile of painter Bojana Coklyat who suffered vision loss and a life and death battle with diabetes.



Where Great Art And “ON THE SCENE” Meet: Emmy Noms for OTS Alums

July 19, 2011

When I read the list of News and Documentary Emmy nominees  I saw some well deserved projects that have crossed paths with “ON THE SCENE.”

“Smash His Camera” is nominated, the documentary on paparazzo Ron Galella. It’s a fascinating, compelling look inside the mind, motivation and technique of the man widely considered to be the original American paparazzo. I interviewed Ron at his home last fall around the time “Smash His Camera” was released. For a clip check out my reel on and search last year’s blog archive for more on the film and my impressions of Ron.

The Galella doc has some tough competition from “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.” The documentary drew worldwide critical praise and though it had a successful theatrical release it was dissed by the Oscars. The filmmakers, Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, deserve this Emmy nomination. I remember seeing this film for the first time at its Tribeca Film Festival debut, with Rivers and the filmmakers present. I had interviewed Rivers for ON THE SCENE shortly after filming was finished. I’m really interested to see if either film wins.

And I emailed my friend Roger Ross Williams with congratulations today. His “Music By Prudence” short documentary, which earned him a Best Director Oscar last year, was nominated for it’s television release by HBO for best music and sound. I interviewed Roger for a live audience at a screening along with Prudence Mabhena, the film’s subject.

There seem to be a lot of documentaries being filmed these days, but the ones that illuminate, that truly shine a light on the many facets of a personality or issue remain very few, indeed. These are three films that did that and more.


Primetime Emmys: The Race Is On

June 19, 2011

Who knew there were this many tv shows, actors, actresses, and executive producers who are indisputably brilliant and Emmy-worthy?

I can tell when the Primetime Emmy race is on by checking my mailbox. “Emmy Magazine” arrived the other day…the 2nd quarter issue…and that means all the industry ads for Emmy consideration. The nominees will be announced next month and the awards are handed out the end of September.

And so now the advertising and pr push to sway Academy voters.

I admit I love the ads this year. Universal Studio’s 13 page spread is especially funny, each page promoting a different show for Emmy consideration with titles including, “Outstanding Corporate Interference” for genius “30 Rock”; “Outstanding Upstandingness” for “Parks And Recreation”;  “Outstanding Paper-Pushing” for “The Office.” Clever and in the spirit of the shows themselves.

FX is really trying to nail an Emmy for Dennis Leary of “Rescue Me.” It’s two page ad includes three pull quotes in a row from tv critics describing “Rescue Me” as the most “underrated drama.” I guess it’s time for Emmy to the rescue.

FX is also championing Margo Martindale as supporting actress in “Justified” with a similar ad rattling off of quotes like, “surely the Emmy Gods will smile upon her,” and “I wonder if they’re printing Margo Martindale’s name on that supporting actress Emmy yet?” We’ll find out.

The lesser known Reelz Channel sprung for a splashy 6 page fold out ad and enclosed  a dvd of episode 2  for “The Kennedys.” Clearly it’s hoping a nomination will be a reputation builder. It’s not the only dvd. I have one here for “Survivor: Redemption Island” and “The Amazing Race.” The producer is trying to win nominations for Best Reality Competition Program and best host.

Is there a little-show-that-could out there on a channel I maybe haven’t even heard of? One that can’t afford the glossy ads and pr machine but is every bit as Emmy worthy?  Tell me.



New York NATAS And The Board of Governors For The Emmys

May 18, 2011

Recently I was honored to find out that the New York chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) nominated me to serve on the Board of Governors. Now members are voting on the tremendous group of professionals who work in the wide spectrum of television and digital media, to decide which of us will provide insights and innovation to NATAS over the next two years.

It’s been great hearing from members I’ve met at NATAS events including the Emmy Awards and from some of the  folks who attended my presentation at the Academy in September about the personal journey of creating my show, “ON THE SCENE.”

But some members might be interested to know more about me and how I could contribute to the growth and vibrancy of NATAS.

I’m somebody who plunges in… ideas first. Because television is in such evolution right now, I have a lot of thoughts about programs to help members through professional transitions, network, how to benefit from the latest trends in our industry,  and even to set some new trends

There’s an incredible energy that we can generate at NATAS that can be a spark for all of our membership, whether it be professionals working in news, entertainment, music or the many other specialties that comprise NATAS.

Check out my site or click my homepage here on the blog for more about my work.