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Lewis Black, Jim Norton, Peter Max & MANY More ON THE SCENE

December 22, 2012

Sunday is the last shot to catch ON THE SCENE: The Best Of 2012. It’s a collection of clips from some of our most interesting celebrity interviews of the year including Lewis Black, Jim Norton, Bernadette Peters, Chris Botti, Joe Pantoliano,  Peter Max and more.

Watch News 12 New Jersey Sunday at 11AM, 1:30PM or 3:30PM.

Enjoy the show and here’s to an amazing year of interviews in 2013!



ON THE SCENE Show Schedule

July 15, 2012

I see viewers of ON THE SCENE have been checking into the blog. Thanks. ON THE SCENE airs on News 12 New Jersey 8:30am, 11:30am and 4:30pm today (Sunday, July 15th.).

The show is a recurring special presentation. It’s not on every weekend.  If you follow me on twitter @JohnBathkeLive you’ll never miss a new show or an encore because info is posted there. Showtimes are always the same (as listed above) when the show does air. 

The next air date will be announced in the coming week. And if you enjoy ON THE SCENE please let me and the station know your feedback.