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Most Viewed of 2012: Randy Harrison; Lewis Black; Jim Norton

January 1, 2013

So before we venture one more day into this new year of 2013, let me say that several interviews that we aired in  “ON THE SCENE” in 2012 got people watching and talking above all others.

My interview Randy Harrison, the actor who starred as “Justin Taylor” on the Showtime series “Queer As Folk”  is the most viewed of my Youtube videos of the past year.  I interviewed Harrison at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey last February when he was appearing in the play, “Red.” He has an international fan base, particularly in Europe. I discovered this when I noticed  the inordinately high number of views to my blog from foreign countries. I heard from a number of fans eager to know how they could see the interview. Two interviews, in fact, about his performance in “Red” and another about his work on “Queer As Folk” are on Youtube.

My interview with comedian Jim Norton was perhaps my favorite of the year. He’s funny in the interview but what I look for most in an interview with a comedian is whether they reveal something of themselves not for laughs. We cover a lot of territory in the interview including career struggles, dating, life disappointments and triumphs.

And Lewis Black. I interviewed him at George Street Playhouse, also, and he was more than generous with his time and thoughts. A play written by Black, “One Slight Hitch” was getting a run there. He took it out of the drawer after many years, it’s about his breakup with a girlfriend nearly 30 years ago. Viewers weren’t used to seeing Black talk about the playwright side of his career and it was an interesting departure. It, too, can be viewed on Youtube.

MUCH more to come in 2013!


ON THE SCENE Best Of…Ready To Roll

December 18, 2012

Two days, holed up in a dark editing booth and now ON THE SCENE the Best Of 2012 show is ready to see the light of day.

We cut and culled until we made it to seven of our favorite artists featured in our show during 2012. And we took the very best excepts from each of those interviews and put them in this year-end special.

With one exception: Bernadette Peters. A good portion of my original interview with her this fall never aired and so a brand new piece with her is in this show.

So tune in News 12 New Jersey this Saturday and Sunday, December 22nd and 23rd at 11AM, 1:30PM and 3:30PM each day.  The show includes Joe Pantoliano, Peter Max, Chris Botti, Lewis Black, Jim Norton, and Rob McClure who stars at Charlie Chaplin in “Chaplin” the Broadway musical.


ON THE SCENE: Black, Botti, McClure: All Star Line Up

October 13, 2012

If you’re looking to find ON THE SCENE this weekend on News 12 New Jersey, remember the times are 8:30am, 11:30am and 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

The line-up is tremendous with interviews with three very different entertainers. Viewers are seeing a different side of Lewis Black, famous for his rants on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In my interview he talks about the break up with a girlfriend  that prompted him to write the play, “One Slight Hitch,” now being performed at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  And I ask him about the smallest audience he ever played to…one Christmas Eve in Anchorage. Hilarious story.

This is my second interview with musician Chris Botti. We picked up where we left off three years ago during our first interview. He is a driven, intense and hugely talented artist and we talk a lot his very focused life.

And Rob McClure who stars as Charlie Chaplin on Broadway in “Chaplin The Musical” gave me a tour of his dressing room at the Barrymore Theatre which is immersed in everything Chaplin. Critics panned the show but praised McClure’s performance. I agree he is a pleasure to watch and has devoted himself to this role.