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Tiger Woods: Love The Buck, The Wife Not So Much

August 26, 2010

Today at a press conference Tiger Woods was asked repeatedly  if he still loves his newly ex-wife, Elin. He didn’t answer it. Said it’s “sad” and it’s all about the children, now.

I don’t care if he loves her or not.

The question I want to ask him is: “What do you love?”

Not who

I have watched the Tiger saga closely, and I am completely convinced that when it comes to Tiger Woods he loves money more than anything else. He loves golf second. And next he loves the reality that a lot of women, no matter how trashy, will make themselves available for sex on demand because of the money and fame that the golfing and endorsing and polishing of a public image we know now was all a lie, has afforded him.

From his high school girlfriend to his harem of mistresses, they’ve all said he is cheap and self centered. They are not the pinnacle of credibility, I know, but there is a pattern here.

Tiger’s life is not about  who, it’s about  what and  having and  getting. His beautiful wife burnished a likeable, devoted family man image and there is nothing corporate sponsors and advertisers like more than that.

Because that’s what the public wants to believe. When the public buys your image, they buy the product you’re paid millions to pitch. And Tiger knew that.

And I want to ask Tiger this: If you had to give up the money, but in return you could live with your children, have a wife you love and wouldn’t sleep around on, would you do it?